R4 Flash Cartridge – The Perfect Gaming Solution

The R4 DS cartridge is the latest rage among gaming enthusiasts. Features such as low pricing and strong multimedia support are the key reasons why anyone with keen interest in software games must consider this as a worthy investment. The r4ds card provides a one-stop solution to all previous gaming hassles. No longer does one have to buy supplementary accessories or even obtain complicated software to make the flash cart work.

Attractive Features of R4 Card

– It is easy to start using these cards. All one needs is an operating system that drives the card- and that is available online at the official website. Download the operating system onto a PC and then extract and transfer files to the cartridge. What makes things simpler is that not all files need to be transferred.

– Additional features are found in the installation CD provided along with the card. The ‘save convertor’ option allows gamers convert games from other sources to r4 format. Thus, users are not restricted to a limited range of games.

– The r4ds card works on external memory. MicroSD cards are used for this purpose, and the r4 range of flash cards provides the best cost-effective options in this regard. Various memory cards are available, and user can buy one with the optimum memory space suited for their needs. Apart from memory size, what makes ds r4 the attractive choice is the pricing. The prices are way lower than most competitors.

– Users will truly appreciate the ease with which they can work their way around the operating system. The menu is user-friendly and clearly specified. For example, at start up, three clear options await the user- games, multimedia and boot slot-2. In the games menu too, a file browser at the head directs user to their available options.

– The general look of the system can be customized, and there are many options for the user to experiment with the various skins available.

– Gaming and speed are like parallel rail tracks. These cards surely do not disappoint in that aspect too. Armed with the correct knowledge about the card’s strength and limits, it can provide a good pace for most games.

– These cards are multimedia friendly, and users can also store and view movies on the same. The best multimedia application that one can try for Nintendo ds cards is Moonshell.

– Last but definitely not the least, online updates are provided to users. These can be downloaded and installed to ensure the flash cart always remains at the top of its game.

Thus, there may come many more sophisticated flash carts with many extra features, but the popularity of the R4 card can never be underestimated. With competitive pricing, multimedia support, ease of usage, these cards are among the best options to choose from.

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Play Games Online Free – Web Based or Client Based

In the last years, online games web based and client based, become very popular, and due to no charge for playtime, kids and teens from the entire world started to play them for fun and adventure.

In this article we will talk about two of main types of these games. The ones that are based on browser, where you play them on your browser, and those, client based, where you download their client, install them on your pc and connect to servers to play, we call these online rpgs, or free mmorpgs.

Free online games played in your web browser, don’t need no huge downloads or powerful computers for you to play them and they are easy to get in. From classic arcade games, racing, action, to puzzle, strategy and online rpg, these games are great way to spend a few minutes to relax, and have fun. You just need to visit these game sites and on each game takes a few seconds to load, and then you are ready to have fun.

Free online rpgs, client based are more complex and require a decent computer, and more attention then a web browser based game, but they also give you the ability to play with thousands of people, where you can interact, make friends, and accomplish common goals, adventure in the unknown. In these games you impersonate a fantasy hero or villain, a race driver, a space ship pilot, depending on the game’s theme, and accomplish different tasks given you by different tasks, to evolve and become more powerful in the respective world by helping the week and those in need, or by competing against others, players or NPC (characters controlled by computer).

With their popularity increased every year, these games are now accessible for each person, that has a few minutes to relax and have fun, or more to interact, socialize, and live an virtual adventure.

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Play Online Games For Cash

Is it really possible to play online games for cash? It is true that this concept seems too good to be true. It seems like a scam. Some online gaming websites probably are scams. Even though the scams are out there, you can still find plenty of legitimate ways to get paid to play online games.


You can always participate in internet gambling. This is difficult, and unless you are a numbers wizard, you probably will not come out ahead. Gambling, both online and in person, is about knowing the probabilities of the game. You will need to increase your chances of winning and adjust your bet according to your odds. Eventually you will come out ahead of the system, but only if you are a professional. Another problem with online gambling is that it is illegal in some areas. You could get into trouble if caught, and that’s not fun.


Another option to play online games for cash is to join an online gaming site. These sites are similar to gambling sites, but you never wager any of your own money so it is legal. That raises the question “If you never lose any money, how can a site make profit?” This type of site makes its money through advertising. They offer promotions to get you to sign up for programs that they get a kickback for. Because they are so successful with these affiliate programs, they can offer good rewards for playing online.


One of the strangest ways to make money playing online games is to sell your MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) merchandise in an online community. For those who don’t know what a mmorpg is, World of Warcraft is a good example. People are willing to pay a fair amount of money for some of the rarer items in these games because they do not want to take the time to quest for those items themselves. If you are someone who likes playing games, this might be a way that you could make some money while having fun.


Another way to get paid to play games is to become a beta-tester for video game companies. Although most of the time you won’t be playing the games online, you would get in contact with the company online. Beta-testing is necessary for video games because there are so many different things that can go wrong. As a beta-tester, you will be in charge of finding the bugs, or glitches, in the software before it is released.

Playing online games is fun, but if you can get paid for playing, it’s even more fun. If you do some research, you can find the right program for you.

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Bean Bag Furniture Versus Gaming Chairs

There are many health benefits associated with the use of bean bag furniture. This is especially true when it comes to individuals who use the beanbag chair in lieu of a video game chair. As you know, the video gaming industry is known to create trends. Common trends include incorporating cartoon and movie characters into the games that are sold on the market, encouraging the production of new gaming accessories, and now it has had an impact on furniture. Video game chairs are often used by people of all ages in order to achieve a level of comfort when it comes to engaging in gaming, but are these chairs considered to have a positive impact on your health? Compared to bean bag furniture, the answer to this is “no”. Here, you will learn why bean bag furniture is a healthier option.

If you analyze the design and gaming electronics incorporated in a standard video game chair, you are likely to be quite amazed. These furniture pieces are designed to handle all of the needs that you may have when it comes to engaging in gaming, unlike the traditional bean bag furniture on the market today. You may find features such as vibration panels built in, multiple surround sound speakers and even cup holders, but when it comes to comfort, accessories are not the highlight of the total gaming experience. While it is true that bean bag furniture may not be as technologically advanced as gaming chairs at this point in time, it is hard to deny the true comfort and quality associated with the beanbag chair. Additionally, the beanbag chair is known to offer a wide array of health benefits.

Initially, the integration of bean bag furniture in the game play area of the home was a decorative measure used to bring back the classic “Retro” gaming style. The beanbag chair has been used for many decades. The beanbag chair is considered to be both practical and stylish. Little did these individuals know that the beanbag chair is also considered to be the healthy choice when it comes to video game furniture. While they were once filled with foam beads, most bean bag furniture companies have begun using shredded memory foam inserted to maintain the shape of the beanbag chair. With this change, the bean bag furniture does not lose its shape or support and stays comfortable. Gaming chairs do not have that kind of composition, making them harder to the touch than the beanbag chair. Gamers usually get lost in their video games and play for hours on end. After a long enough time doing that in a hard chair, it can wreak havoc on ones lumbar system. However, bean bag furniture does not result in pressure to the lumbar system.

Doctors are now recommending bean bag furniture for patients that have back issues as well as other health related problems. With this being said, beanbag chairs are more useful aside from being a comfortable place to park yourself for long periods of time. Because of the filling of bean bag furniture, a beanbag chair tends to conform to the shape of your back and will help promote better posture. Most gaming chairs are slouched in their design and often flush on the ground. While it isn’t loaded down with amazing gadgets that would make Bond drool, bean bag furniture tends to have a more positive impact on the back and other areas of the body that are often affected when it comes to poor posture. This alone is an appealing feature of the beanbag chair.

Having good posture has been proven to improve a person’s physical health, like back and joint pain from poor sitting posture. It also helps promote good mental health as well. With bean bag furniture being so comfortable, it optimizes relaxation and helps decrease emotional tension as well as depression. Studies show that these complications are the leading causes of most headaches and can be avoided by using bean bag furniture. One of the main issues with improper sitting posture is the effect it has on the shoulders and neck. Bad posture from not using bean bag furniture can also cause constriction of blood vessels that can be a cause of headaches, as well. The use of bean bag furniture in correcting these issues is being implemented by doctors now and beanbag chairs are now being made in the form of office chairs.

Unlike beanbag chairs, gaming chairs are smaller in shape adding to the issue if discomfort. They are not as wide as they are long results in issues associated with tipping as well as body over flow. Not everyone that plays video games is considered to be thin enough to rest comfortably on this type of chair. This can cause a person’s organs to get constricted in the abdomen from the body’s need to correct the incorrect weight distribution. Beanbag chairs are wide enough that a person’s weight is distributed evenly. Bean bag furniture also comes in all shapes and sizes to better fit the person. Gaming chairs mostly come in only one size, making it that there is no room to move around and switch positions if you need to. This is a big difference when compared to bean bag furniture.

Beanbag chairs allow you to move around in a sitting or laying position for further comfort. Some beanbag chairs are designed to fold out into a bed. This makes it easier to find a comfortable position and keeps impact on the spine and neck to a minimum. There are also beanbag chairs that are more like sofas then chairs. These can give additional support to the neck and back. With varieties that allow for more support with each variation, beanbag chairs are optimal to ensure that gamers stay healthy in body and mind as well as having comfortable and stylish bean bag furniture. Gaming chairs are not this flexible in their design. To enjoy your gaming experience, choosing a beanbag chair is the way to go!

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